Becoming work but still worth it

The easy part is clearly behind us now.  This morning it took 1 hour and 45 minutes from start to finish to feed them, entertain them, and clean/rearrange their pen.  That doesn't include laundry.  These little sweeties have begun to go through 4+ whole newspapers a day, 1-2 lbs of raw food a day, and require more entertaining and 1:1 attention now that they are older and more interactive.  Also, Curry has to be bribed or forced to go in and nurse them, as she seems to have lost interest now that they have sharp little teeth.

We have begun having visitors- our first were my chiropractor Dr Peter and his daughter, Nyla who is 4.  The next day we had Michelle and her 2 daughters Emily (14) and Amy (12).  The puppies love it!  They are not the least bit shy, and like being handled, cuddled and played with.

Saturday is our first open house for buyers, and I will be busy getting ready for that for the next day!  Keeping the house clean has dropped lower on the priority list than it used to be, and is tougher too since we have this litter of pups.