Graduating to collars!

Today I switched the pups from ribbons to collars.  I had bought collars to match all the ribbons I had weeks before they were born, so it wasn't much of an ordeal.  Those collars have been sitting around longer than there have been puppies.  For the most part, the colors are identical with 2 exceptions: Tikka went from a light green to teal, and Bhindi went from a dark purple to lilac.

Weights at 4 weeks old:

Bombay 4 lb 5 oz

Tandoori 4 lb 2 oz

Rogan Josh 4 lb 5 oz

Vindaloo 3 lb 10 oz

Mango 3 lb 4.5 oz

Chai 3 lb 6.5 oz

Bhindi 3 lb 8 oz

Tikka 3 lb 14 oz