This article on vaccinations is so comprehensive, so thorough, so easy to understand, you really just need to read it and watch the video to understand why vaccinations are overdone and why you need to question your vet's recommended approach to vaccines. Dr Karen Becker is an authority on vaccinations, preventative veterinary medicine, and holistic vet care. 

I am an integrative, proactive, wellness veterinarian. I believe animal guardians must become responsible health advocates for the animals in their care.
— Dr Karen Becker

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Daintree's Vaccination Schedule

Based on the latest research and recommendations from our holistic veterinarian, Daintree now advocates the following vaccination schedule:

ONE SHOT for Parvovirus administered at the age of 14-15 weeks. This can be a combination of Parvo and Distemper if your veterinarian has seen at least a few cases of Distemper in his/her practice within the past 12 months. If they have not treated Distemper, DO NOT vaccinate for it. Distemper is one of the vaccinations that can cause harmful and distressing side effects similar to actually having contracted the disease itself. NO BOOSTERS. That's it for life. One shot will create an immune system memory pattern and no shots are necessary once this happens. That is something that the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries don't seem to want us to know.

AVOID the rabies vaccine in your dog's regime unless you are required to administer by law (most Canadian provinces do not dictate that the rabies or any vaccines are required by law) or unless you are travelling outside of Canada. If your dog must leave the country, Daintree recommends scheduling this for after your dog's first birthday and certainly not prior to his/her turning 6 months of age. Rabies is considered one of the most harmful vaccinations, producing side effects that will never go away throughout your dog's lifetime, including aggressive behaviour and intolerance to people, dogs and things that they were tolerant towards prior to the vaccination. 

You cannot unvaccinate; make these decisions with your dog's best interest in mind. Vaccines are not benign; they can cause discomfort, distress and longterm or lifelong medical issues. Make these decisions wisely and with careful consideration.