About Daintree

Daintree Kennels is a small, home based breeding kennel of Canadian Kennel Club registered, purebred Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  We produce 3-5 litters a year of carefully bred, holistically raised puppies to happy, healthy parents who live a 'country dog' lifestyle.  Our numbers are low for a reason: we want each of our dogs to get the care, exercise, attention, training, nutrition and love that they each deserve.  Having relocated from the city to the rural West Kootenay Mountains, we dedicate all of our time and energy to the health and well-being of the breeding dogs and our older generation too.


In 2005, Trisha had lost her mother to lung cancer and was considering adopting her first dog to help fill the void left by the loss she was feeling.  Splash was a welcome addition and got Trisha interested in the breed.  Splash was 6 years old and looking for a loving home to kick back in after earning many titles and being part of the foundation breedings at Tollwest Kennels.  Later that year, Trisha became a dog trainer and got her second Toller, a puppy named Topaz (Splash's great grandson.)

Daintree Duck Tollers was established in 2008 when she got her first breeding female, Curry.  Curry and Topaz produced the Gratitude Litter in October of that year and the kennel was born.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Trisha always wanted to get a Toller and made good on that promise when she was ready for her first dog.  

For further information on the breed, or how Daintree operates, please contact Trisha at daintreekennels@gmail.com.