RIP Edamame

We lost our littlest pup this week to major failure to thrive- his remains have been sent for a post mortem to try and figure out what happened. He was nursing but he had terrible balance, possible vision issues and had barely doubled his weight while most of his littermates had tripled theirs.


We've had our first pro photo shoot

All Daintree puppies now come with a custom CD full of photos of your puppy. Our professional photographer documents the babies from an early age, during their growth over 4 different shoots. She and I work together to get the best photos we can. The babies are only this small once, so I believe it's important to seize the moment and create quality images that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I also strongly recommend hiring a professional pet photographer for the first year. Many offer first year packages, with a shoot every few months. Your puppy changes so much and many people regret not taking more photos. They also mention regret about not being in them once in awile. Yes, the humans should be in the photos too.  Are you always behind the camera? Step in front with the help of a pro photographer and get some images of you interacting with your puppy. After your dog turns 8-10 months old, most of the "baby phase" is behind you and all of the photos you take will have your dog looking the same for many years until they become old and gray.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to capture those priceless moments of his or her growth with high quality pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Photo by Crystal Rene Unger Photography. Click photo to be taken to the album