Puppies go outside for the first time

Today the weather warmed up enough to let the little guys outside 2 at a time and take some pictures.  The puppies were very unsure of themselves out in the yard, and stayed very close to me, so the photos are kind of rotten, but what can you do? 

The puppies are really starting to eat a variety of foods now!  Today their meals were:

1. sliced lamb heart, ground lamb, and ground chicken

2. small chunks of veal on the bone

3. baked yam, cottage cheese and canned tripe

They still like to nurse on Momma, but she wants that to happen about as much as she likes having a bath, which is not much!  She goes in to steal their food and toys, comes running if any of them emit the panic cry (she can tell the difference between war cries among the puppies and 'Ouch my head is caught between the bars'.)  A true mother at heart :)