Sept 29


Leftover, what's in the fridge type of meal


about 2 tbsp of ground beef

about 1/2 cup pork tripe (which is so gross, by the way)

about 2 tbsp leftover minestrone soup

large pinch ground kelp


A lighter meal for Bhindi, Splash and Topaz because the day did not allow for us to go for a run, so they didn't burn a lot of calories.  Rhys is at the height of nursing demand so she is getting a ton of food...

T, B, S- 1/2 duck neck

Rhys- 2 duck necks, full can of sardines

Rhys' third meal is 1 cup of Acana Lamb and Apple kibble with cottage cheese and fish oil

Puppies are getting another full can of Lamb Tripette mixed with warm water.  I will take pix tomorrow of them eating.  Just on my way to work now.

THAWING- chicken carcasses