Sept 30


Rhys- 2 chicken carcases

Splash & Bhindi each got 1/3 of a chicken carcas

Topaz- 2/3 chicken carcas

This is larger than a chicken back- it is essentially the torso, once the breasts, wings, thighs and drums have been removed.  It contains the back, neck, ribcage, pelvis, skin, meat, and lots of bone.  It is a working meal which the dogs go to their crates and/or beds to work on for about 5-15 minutes depending on how quickly they chew.  These are the meals that Raw Feeders refer to as RMB (raw meaty bones.)

Rhys is acting a little lethargic so I am upping the amount of food the pups are getting to give her some reprieve.  They are now getting 2 cans a day of Tripett Lamb Tripe, one around lunchtime and one in the evening.  They adore it, and all are eating, especially the little ones, which is very heartening.

THAWING: pork button bones