How to make ground meat into a balanced meal

Questions I anticipate-

🔹How much of everything do you give?

I am very intuitive about this now so I don't measure but Google will help you as you learn.

🔹Where do you get bone dust?

Fresh raw bone dust can be very hard to find. Bone meal is NOT a substitute. That would be like adding sand to your dog's food. Go to a specialty dog food store or make eggshell dust from raw, airdried eggshells.

🔹I thought garlic was toxic to dogs!

Yes in crazy massive quantities it is, same with people. In appropriate doses it is an anti-parasitic, blood cleanser and much more.

🔹Salt? Really?

Yes! Every mammal needs iodine for thyroid function. A raw fed dog doesn't get much. Add a sprinkle now and then. Or buy granulated kelp. I only use Himalayan so that's what my dogs get.

🔹What about vegetables?

The Daintree dogs get pureed raw green, yellow and orange vegetables once or twice a week and often eat cooked yam or squash but vegetables are not actually that important to a dog's properly balanced menu. They are not fur people, well not nutritionally anyway :)

This recipe is pretty fancy by our standards- but if you're concerned with a balanced meal in every serving, this fits the bill. 

Feeding a variety of ingredients over a 2 week period allows us the "balance over time" recommended by Dr Ian Billinghurst, author of some of the first BARF diet books. - a range of foods over 2 weeks will offer the same kind of balance we create for our own human diets.

However if nutritionally balancing each meal is your goal, here is an easy one to get you started.

Monday April 14, 2016

Morning meal is half a ground salmon patty purchased from a dog food boutique type of store. The brand is Legacy. It contains bone, meat, skin and organs ground finely. I topped it today with some additional salmon oil and a tbsp of cooked yam.

Evening meal is turkey necks.

August 9, 2011


a chicken back for Topaz, 2 for Truffle the pitbull 

3 large "doggie meatballs" for Bhindi, plus a slice of fresh beef liver she didn't touch

1 large meatball for Granny.

(Doggie meatballs make ground beef into a complete food- I premade them and froze them in a large container.  

To Make

ground beef

raw eggs

ground eggshell (ground in food processor as small as possible, until a fine dust)

Form into balls

The egg helps the mixture stick together, and the eggshell gives the meat the calcium & phosphorus it needs to give complete nutrition.

Ground organ meat in a small amount could be added to the meatball mixture to make it even more complete.

July 30


Turkey necks for Truffle our rescue, and Bhindi

Lamb necks for Splash and Topaz

(Topaz gets as little poultry as possible after a terrible allergic reaction last year.  Also just fridge-cleaning and feeding what I had on hand.)


Cut-up pieces of steak (cheap cut), cottage cheese and pureed raw vegetables

July 24


pork side ribs (2 for the smaller appetites, 3 for the bigger ones)

frozen, thawed green beans

cooked baby potato (the dogs don't get much starch, but I was going to throw the potatoes out otherwise.)