Sept 28


Splash and Rhys each got a turkey neck and beef bone.  Rhys' beef bone was huge.  She brought it directly to the puppy pen, put it in and sat down outside.  Clearly she is ready for me to start weaning them ASAP :)

PM- Bhindi and Topaz are back from a couple of days at Pikkinokka.

All the adult dogs got a heaping tablespoon of leftover chili, about 1 tbsp of raw beef liver, and ground beef/bone/organ mix.  Rhys got about 3/4 cup buttermilk for the fat and calcium content.

The puppies ate their first meal!!!  I gave them 2 bowls with some Tripette Lamb Tripe mixed with warm water.  Nia was one of the first ones in there up to her wrists.  All of the pups ate some, and Rhys came in to help them so they got to nurse too.  At the moment all are passed out in Tripette Comas.  It went over very well with them and will become a daily happening until they are ready for more exciting things.

Introducing simple mushy foods early takes some of the pressure off the mother, especially with a larger litter all draining her 6 times a day.  And clearly I have not only her blessing to begin the weaning process, but her insistence.  I didn't leave the marrow bone in as it had bits the pups could choke on (gristle, meat and fat) and too much marrow would be a very messy way to go (out the back end...)  They will still be getting the bulk of their nourishment from mom, that is why we use the term "wean".