Thurs Sept 23


Topaz, Splash and Bhindi each got 3 slabs of pork button bones and a few pieces of smoked beef pancreas.

Rhys got her smoked pancreas and 6 slabs, then tried to take one of Splash's.  Which Splash defended quite fervently.

Let's just say Splash is going to be eating in the private dining car from now on, as the other dogs are seeing how slow an eater she is and trying to cash in on that... :(


It's been hectic around here, so I missed taking out a meal to thaw.

No big whoop- we have a remedy for that.  I gave each of the dogs some Acana Lamb and Apple kibble with buttermilk.  I almost always feed something wet in with the dry (like yogurt, sardines, canned food, cottage cheese, etc.) as it gives the meal some moisture and lubricates the esophagus/digestive tract to help the kibble go down.  Lord knows it's come up enough when given dry!

Rhys gets an extra meal tonight- smoked pancreas, cottage cheese, and a can of tuna

THAWING: roll of hamburger, beef liver (will be fed with egg shells to ensure there is calcium in that meal)