Oct 1


photo borrowed from the washington post

Lamb Femurs!  These are my dogs' favorite RMB.  They look exactly like the bones dogs eat in cartoons, with the balls on each end and the long bit in the middle.  The dogs eat each end completely off, and then crack the straight part into pieces so they can eat all the marrow.  Because lambs are seasonal, this bone is harder to find than others, and can be more expensive but trusty Tailblazers in Calgary had lots so I bought a bunch when I was there last.  Some things, you just splurge on because the dogs love them so.

Rhys' second meal-

Fridge cleanout- 2 tbsp minestrone, 1/2 cup pork tripe, 2/3 chicken carcas, and 2 duck necks.

THAWING- slab of bison meat, beef mix, and beef tripe