Oct 2


Beef tripe and leftover soup

(Topaz 6 oz, Splash and Bhindi 4 oz, Rhys 1.5 lbs.)

The puppies got their usual Lamb Tripett, with a ripe banana mashed in.  They didn't super love it, but at this age change in diet takes time to adjust to.


I am working a 7.5 hour shift (that is my long shift- my short shift is only 5 hours) so I gave each dog a recreational chewing beef bone and filled up the water buckets.  They tend to drink a lot of water after they have been chewing for an hour.

LES BEBES got their usual can of lamb tripe mixed with warm water and greek yogurt.  They loved it!

Nothing is thawing right now, as we have a bucket of beef tripe (10 lbs) and another of bison meat in the fridge we need to work on for the next few meals.  There is nothing wrong with feeding the same food over and over a few days- raw feeders usually go for variety over 2 weeks.  I am over-zealous about variety because I adore feeding my dogs and the joy they get out of eating.  Many raw feeders stick to chicken backs or turkey necks and then add other meats in once in awhile, and there is nothing wrong with that either.  But bear in mind, the more of something a dog eats, the more likely they are to develop an allergy to it over time.