The whole experience has been wonderful; I highly recommend Daintree!


My husband and I are very thankful to have a Daintree puppy. I am a first time puppy owner and the experience couldn’t be better. It was great to be part of the group setting when picking up the puppies. It was informative and so much fun. Trisha is very thorough when deciding on families for her puppies and shares an incredible amount of information to help you prepare. 

Trisha’s puppies are not regular pups. She has prepped them to be well adjusted pups with a solid base from Puppy Culture. They already have clear understanding of many behaviours with positive reinforcement. She is always there for support and advice which also includes her circle of experts. Trisha sets you up with a Facebook group for your litter so you know how the other pups are progressing as well. That’s so awesome! Our Zoe (Cotterpin) has been such a great addition to our family. The whole experience has been wonderful and I highly recommend Daintree Duck Tollers. From the first conversation with Trisha to picking up your pup, it is absolutely clear she is doing it because she loves dogs with all her heart. If you are thinking about getting a toller, Daintree is the best option.


Brent and Corrie with baby Zoe  (formerly Cotterpin) on Gotcha Weekend. Photo: Tasha Hall, BC Farm and Family Photography.