I can not thank Trisha and her staff enough

I started my search for a breeder last year after waiting for a time in my life that would allow for a dog. I settled on Tollers and hit the internet looking for options. Initially I searched for a breeder close to home and after finding a few, I came across Daintree in a lot of comments and threads. Daintree’s level of communication and interaction is second to none. The screening process gave me confidence that I was dealing with a competent, caring breeder that was genuinely interested in finding suitable matches for her pups. As a first time Toller owner Trisha really helped me out prior to and after taking my puppy home, answering questions and giving advice. My little Norah (Mokey) is a delight and extremely well adjusted. She’s adaptable and smart and that is a result of her upbringing at Daintree, she is an absolute delight and I can not thank Trisha and her staff enough.

-Josh O, Alaska USA

Pic by Tasha Hall  from @bc_farm_and_family