Daintree Tollers are the healthiest and happiest out there

Thank you Mario for this phenomenal review and for being so committed to little Chico (formerly Fergus.)

I've wanted to get a dog of my own for the past 25 years, but it wasn't until five years ago that I fell in love with Tollers when my friend brought one home. Now after five years of researching Tollers,  I finally felt I was prepared enough to raise a puppy and that Tollers were the right breed for me. However, I was dissatisfied with the many breeders I came across until I found Daintree. I could tell based off of the website and in communicating with Trisha how dedicated she is to raising her Tollers to be the healthiest and happiest dogs out there. Trisha offered a partnership in raising the dog, I didn't feel like I would be abandoned by the breeder after exchanging payment. I felt that I would be welcomed into a family, and that's exactly what happened.

Throughout this entire journey, I've felt supported by Trisha and Daintree. From the first message I sent her on Instagram to this first week home with our new puppy, Trisha has provided an open door of communication. She never made me feel bad for asking even the simplest question.

Gotcha Weekend was great! She provided such a special ceremony, revealing to each family which puppy they were taking home and having professional photos taken to capture that very special moment. She offered great real life training tips and a safe space for us to play with our new family members.

In order to get our puppy my girlfriend and I drove into a different country and back, a total of 22.5 hours round trip in 48 hours. It was not the easiest walk in the park; including getting stuck in the snow, a power outage, multiple pit stops for our puppy and the guilt of driving with a puppy for 12.5 hours but we would do it all over again in a heartbeat! These dogs have a beautiful coat of fur, are on the way to fully potty trained, and know how to mand by the time Trisha sends them home with you. Not once did our boy have an accident in the car, and was able to communicate to us when he needed something, all thanks to the time and immense effort Trisha and her team put in.

Thank you again Trisha and Daintree! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy or experience :)


Alexandra, Chico and Mario on the day they met. Pic by Tasha Hall, BC Farm and Family Photography. 

Alexandra, Chico and Mario on the day they met. Pic by Tasha Hall, BC Farm and Family Photography.