Pet Food Recall of 2007

Photo by Rodney Habib

 It's been almost 7 years since the discovery of the intentional contamination of dozens of brands of pet food in North America.  You see, most of the common pet foods are manufactured at centralized plants which blend up the recipes and just put them into different bags, pouches and cans.  Ingredients are the lowest quality, at the lowest price, and sourced from the lowest bidder.  Big Brand pet food has been reduced to a mix of by-products, fillers, artificial flavour and chemical preservatives.  We are merely fortunate that somehow our companion animals can exist on it, as it is not the diet that nature intended for them.

Many of the ingredients in commercially produced dog food are of questionable origin.  There is a requirement from the FDA in the USA for pet food to contain certain amounts of protein, fibre, and crude fat.  Sadly, this equation can be achieved even by mixing leather, wood shavings, and used crank oil.  There is very little thought to the well being of animals, such has the pet food industry been reduced to.  As the rise in toxic, chemical-laden human food occurs, so does the same for our pets. In the case of the Melamine recall, the ingredient which contained this harmful, chemical plastic was the 'vegetable protein' coming from manufacturers in China.  The Chinese companies intentionally added melamine to the rice protein, corn and wheat gluten.  Why?  So that it would contain a higher protein level, satisfying industry standards and import requirements.

We cannot trust the brands advertised during our favourite TV programs to ensure the safety and well-being of our beloved fur family members.  These are giant food conglomerates simply interested in turning a profit.  It really is time to take their nutrition into our own hands.  For more information, check out the following titles, and the documentary link below.

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