How to Feed Raw in an Isolated Setting

Living in such an isolated place, I work hard to provide a raw diet for my seven dogs and litters of puppies.

Locally, I have a friend who runs a catering company and allows me to order large quantities of meats via her restaurant supply accounts. I normally purchase cases of pork ribs, fish fillets and chicken backs via this source.

At our local grocery store, I special order cases of turkey necks and buy family packs of ground beef. I also get fresh yams, fresh greens, plain yogurt and cottage cheese.

When I go to the specialty store in the Lower Mainland, I buy flats of green beef tripe, ground whole duck, ground lamb, lamb hearts, beef heart, lamb necks and lamb bones.

At Walmart when I visit the city, I buy frozen pork bones, cans of sardines, cases of canned vegetables and frozen goat meat.

In hunting season, we receive scraps from friends when they butcher their game. This has included mostly deer and moose.

Where there is a will, there is a way.