Week 6

I've had to write this post already twice and keep having technical difficulties when it comes to publishing it. So, hopefully third time's a charm.

I took Curry in on September 14 for an ultrasound and got to see a bunch of squirmy little puppy/lizard eggs moving around. We are likely having a normal sized litter, which is anywhere from 4-8 puppies. Given she has had 9, 6 and 7 in the past, 6 or 7 seems likely.

Curry is taking pregnancy in stride. She is getting very chubby and has slowed down a lot on our 1-hour daily walks. But if I try to leave her at home, she gets very upset so come she does, and plods along behind us in her own little world. Her big tummy sways from side to side as she walks. Must absolutely get some photos and or video of that before it's all said and done.

I have been preparing the 'nursery' (office/spare room) for incoming babies, stocking up on newspaper scavenged from the recycling depots and a kiddie pool from the end-of-summer sale bin at Toys R' Us. I've got Tobi from Woodcreek kennels on speed dial (her dog Amber is about a week behind Curry in her pregnancy and Tobi has done this before.) Plus she is only 2 blocks away if I have a real emergency. I still need a few extra linens, a heating pad, a couple of medical supplies, and the buyers. The all-important buyers who will give these little creatures their lifelong homes and years of fun and adventure!