Day 59/63

Basically, there is no official due date since the breeding took place over 5 days. So what this means is that today- October 13 is the first possible due date and the last due date within the healthy, or expected range is Friday October 17.

This litter is to be known as the Gratitude litter for 2 reasons: they will be born around (on?) Thanksgiving and because Curry had some health complications back in the spring which might have led to an inability to become pregnant again. She pulled through that with flying colors and now here we are today- within a few short hours (or days) of a healthy litter coming into this world.

Her temperature dropped today and I gave her a little bath to clean the belly and hind end for the puppies comfort and safety. She is now resting comfortably in her whelping area, head on a pillow. She is very obviously in the beginning phase of labour, as she is breathing heavily and a certain calm has come over her.

And just yesterday she was frolicking in the river. My what a girl.