The dogs have been getting chicken backs and a K9 Choice Lamb Mix for the past 2 meals.

Topaz- 1 chicken back, 1 cup lamb mix

Rhys- 4 chicken backs, 1 cup lamb mix

Bhindi- 3 chicken backs, 1/2 cup lamb mix

Splash- 1 chicken back, 1/2 cup lamb mix

I am trying Topaz on a bit of chicken again, as he clearly wants to eat it.  And he did not react from the one he had the other day.  Fact is, he might not have a complete poultry allergy- it was TURKEY that set him off.  So we will see.

Bhindi has been tearing it up lately, running like a deer in the woods and swimming her little heart out so I am upping her portion once in awhile to make sure she's replacing all the calories she's burning.  Being that Splash is almost 12 years old and her metabolism is slowing down, she is a very 'efficient' eater.


Each dog got about 1/2 cup ground beef, 1/2 cup green beans (grocery store brand frozen cut pieces, thawed to room temp), 2 cod liver oil capsules, 1 tsp of liquid vitamin C, 1/2 tsp digestive yeast, and a pinch of garlic powder.

Rhys also got a lunch of 1 cup of FISH- orijen dry dog food, 1 raw egg with some shell, and 1/2 cup buttermilk.