we're back to 2 meals a day

There is no reason why a dog should eat at the same time every day, nor should they ALWAYS eat once a day or ALWAYS twice.  Mine do very well on unpredictability and change!

Since the weather has gotten colder I am back to feeding twice a day, one time in morning (any time) and another in the evening (whatever works for me.)  The dogs don't beg at a certain hour and are quite pleased to get their meals when they get them.


Topaz- 1 lb ground lamb with bone, organ and veggies, 1 tbsp greek yogurt, 1 chicken back taken from Splash's dish.  sigh.

Splash & Bhindi- 3 chicken backs, 2 tbsp doggie gazpacho, 1 tbsp greek yogurt

Rhys- 5 chicken backs, 2 tbsp doggie gazpacho, 3 tbsp greek yogurt