Today started with a chunk of ripe banana each, and then a 1.5 oz frozen bacon and cheddar yogurt.

Tonight's meal was kind of a mish-mash, "what's left over in the fridge?" type of night.

Each dog got the following: 2 tbsp doggie gazpacho, 1 tsp liquid vitamin C, 2 cod liver oil caplets, raw free-range egg with the shell (smash 1 in each dish), large pinch of kelp granules.  It's funny because the dogs love the raw egg but didn't eat any of their own shells.  After they each ate, they all went to one another's bowls and ate the other dog's shells.  LOL.  Shells are an excellent source of calcium.


Rhys- liver, chicken leg (grocery store) , 2 chicken necks (Urban Carnivore from Tailblazers)

Splash and Bhindi- 5 chicken necks each

Topaz- rack of 3 pork ribs (grocery store)

Topaz had a very severe allergic reaction last winter and we have narrowed his issue down to poultry so he never eats chicken or turkey, which is why he always gets something different than everyone else.