Oct 28

The goat was kind of... meh.  Splash (I'll-eat-anything-not-nailed-down) had 2 pieces and so did Topaz after he inspected it thoroughly.  Rhys was underwhelmed but finished a piece.  Bhindi was basically offended and kept taking pieces and putting them on the floor in case the next one might taste better.  I snuck a couple of pieces in with the puppies meal but was not sure if they ate them or if it was Rhys who goes in to scrounge their dish and give them a minute or 2 of nursing.


Puppies got chicken backs and goat pieces

Adults skipped their morning meal again.  Some of them are getting sort of fat since it's getting darker and our runs aren't always very long.  Time to cut back...


Puppies got pork organs and ELK TRIPE!

Adults got a chicken drumstick and elk tripe.