Oct 27


no meal- long road trip and did not want a lot of poop or any puking


The puppies got a beef rib bone each, the adults got a small dried pepperoni stick from Bone Appetit in Kelowna.  Later they got some of my fries and ice cream, so don't feel too badly for them.


Pups each got a chicken back around 11:30pm once we were back at home and they waited while I cleaned their pen since we were on a tight schedule to leave this morning and it was still dirty.

Adults- Rhys 3 raw chicken drumsticks, Bhindi- 2 drumsticks, Splash- 1 and a small beef rib.  Topaz got a large beef bone with tons of marrow.  MMmmmmmmm

Thawing: GOAT chunks

I am thrilled to have found goat at Walmart. Yes, you read that correctly. I was in the Super WalMart in kelowna, BC looking for the $10 bag of pork bones I have gotten there in the past and instead, they had goat (stewing meat with bone, cut into inch-size cubes) and veal. The veal was pricey, but the goat was $12/...kg or $5/lb. Not cheap but not terrible. So I have it thawing now to feed tomorrow. I don't think any of my dogs have ever had goat!