Wrigley is the sweetest puppy ever!

While waiting for our house to be built, we stayed with my parents at their home. Wrigley was very spoiled as they are both retired and were home during the day almost always! They also live on a golf course that was a great place for Wrigley to run and play during the winter months with lots of geese to chase!


I just wanted to tell you that Wrigley is the SWEETEST puppy I have ever met. There is something to be said about the temperaments of the puppies that you raise. My parents LOVED having her around because she was just so sweet, cuddly, and just a pleasure to be around. This is so helpful for times when Ryan and I might need to go away as they (along with my sister) are begging to take care of Wrigley!


We are just overjoyed everyday that we have this incredible puppy with such an amazing personality, it has just been such a joy to watch her grow! She is such a dream with the other dogs at the dog park. Always happy and never aggressive.


Anyhow, I just wanted to send a thank you again for helping raise this amazing puppy that is such a wonderful part of our lives :)

-Kate H