Scout has made me proud

I just wanted to send you a quick update on something that I thought was amazing and I'm proud of about Scout (Biscotti.)

So she goes to a daycare in Nanaimo every week or so and absolutely loves it! Last Monday when I picked her up the girls told me she had been playing for 3 hours with this dog Molly. They told me that Molly is a middle aged and smaller dog and she usually isn't very social. When she comes in she just sticks to herself and her ball. They had only ever seen her socialize with one dog in all her time there. Until Scout. Scout and her played for 3 hours straight!! This was such a big deal that all the staff at the little/puppy daycare and the big dog daycare all came to see. They showed me the video and it was adorable. To top it all off, when i picked up Scout on Wednesday, they told me they had been playing again! The girls showed Molly's Dad the video of them playing, and apparently he was almost in tears. He had been sending her there to socialize but she always stuck to herself, but the fact that she was playing, and twice, and for so long with Scout made him emotional and so happy.

She's made me proud, and I think this speaks loudly to her upbringing. Since I brought her home I've had no problem introducing her to new things, people, and dogs and she's always great with knowing how to approach everyone differently. I've seen her understand when to gently approach an older sick (partially paralyzed) dog and she knew to stay gentle their whole interaction, compared to knowing when it's okay to play with other younger dogs. I think this is what has made her able to interact with Molly so successfully.

I just wanted to let you know this. Scout is an incredible girl who has the biggest heart, and I believe this has a lot to do with puppy culture and the socialization it encourages from the start. By bringing home a puppy who is already so adaptable and open to life has been amazing! So, thank you!!


Kristina and Scout

Kristina with Scout, formerly Biscotti. 

Kristina with Scout, formerly Biscotti.