Splash has a Rally Novice leg!

This winter I signed up my old dog Splash and her great grandson for Rally classes to do something
new and different, and get us out of the house in the cold weather to work 1:1
(my brother handled Topaz.)

This Easter Sunday I entered both at the Red Deer Show in Alberta. Topaz (the male) and I
went first and gave me a lesson in SR (Slow Reaction), TL (tight leash) and
HE (handler error.)
Well really, he set me up for working with Splash!

Even though it was far from perfection, Splash and I achieved a score of 79, which
qualified for
 SECOND place, a big rosette and her FIRST LEG in Rally-Novice, at 11.5 years old.

Just goes to show you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Although I can't take ALL the
credit: I adopted Splash 5 years ago from her owner Lisa Porter, who put a CD title
on her long before we ever met. I was just dusting off some oldskills
Splash already had, but it still feels pretty darn good!!!

Rhys and Bhindi were entered in Conformation, where Rhys took Reserve Winners Bitch,
but this doesn't equal any points...