Why are sticks the topic of their own blog post?

Because they are dangerous, and I want everyone to know it!

In our world, sticks are ONLY used for water retrieves if there are no toys around (i.e. our ball has floated downstream.)  When used for retrieving on land, they bounce off the ground and can cause poking injuries as well as mouth injuries if the dog is carrying it and bangs into the ground or a tree or rock.  We even read about one dog in Calgary's paper who ended up with a stick caught in her throat while 'playing' at the park. 

They are also a tempting chew for a bored, stressed or over-zealous dog.  They are NOT a good substitute for a bone because they are not meant to be digested.  How would you like splinters in your digestive system and mouth?  Yeah, I thought not.

Throwing sticks in water tends to be safe, as they float and can't easily bounce if the water is deep enough.  We just need to watch the chewing when they come back. 

Topaz loves sticks, the bigger the better.

Here is a video of him getting a little too excited over a log on the Pacific Coast around Victoria, BC.