Topaz is a busy busy boy...

Pikkinokka has requested the presence of our "Stud Dog of the Year" for another female in their breeding program.  Cricket has gone into heat 2 months early and luckily has the necessary hip/eye/heart xrays and tests completed so she is ready to be bred.

We put them together yesterday for a few minutes and while she was flirty, she needs a few days to really get in the mood (standing heat.)  So Topaz will go down and stay with her in the honeymoon suite (pen) until the time is right. 

We are very proud of our boy and excited that others see the contribution he can make to the breed.

On a slightly sad note, one of the pups from Shasta X Topaz litter born last Thursday did not make it so there are now 3 girls and 1 boy.  That is the first mortality Topaz has had in his progeny and we think it was probably her heart.