Change that to Bloody Buddy

So ever since he was a puppy, Topaz has had an almost fetish-like fascination with huge sticks.  Logs, really, or even whole trees if he can get near one that's wet, in water, submerged half in sand or water, salt ocean or fresh lake or river: you name it, he wants to ravish it.  Ravishing takes the form of squealing like a stuck pig, chewing pieces off of it, and dragging it around begging me to throw it for him to be the big strong dog and drag it back in to shore for me.

Add to this, Bhindi who thinks it's all the coolest thing ever and since she follows her Dad around like a shadow anyway because he's cool like Fonzie, she starts to SCREAM and squeal and bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark, well you get the picture.  Luckily we mostly have the beaches to ourselves at this time of year and because I know of some less travelled, or other folks would think we were nutso.

So today Topaz found one of his famous large logs, about 12 lbs soaking wet, and maybe two feet long.  This got dragged around beside me for awhile until I ignored him long enough that he brought it up the beach and hunkered in for a good chewing session.  Bhindi was barking at his side the whole time, also getting bites in when Topaz would allow.  I called them a couple of minutes later, and they came, Topaz dragging his precious log, and also bleeding from the gums. 

Luckily nothing serious, I wonder if he feels the pain and just keeps going?