Monday Jan 25

To give our readers a good idea of what our dogs' lives are like, we will be journalling here to share some of the day to day details with you.

Today I didn't have to work, so we woke up around 9am and the dogs let me out of bed by jumping down one by one.  Bhindi has taken to sleeping UNDER the bed, and Rhys was in a dog bed on the floor, but all the rest were on top of me/wedged around me, pinning me there under the covers with their warm little bodies.  Outside for their morning potty, quick bark at someone turning their van around in our back alley and back inside for brekky. 

Breakfast was 1/3 cup each of 2 kibbles mixed together: Horizon Legacy and Evo Red Meat, with each dog getting a raw organic egg and Mercedes getting 2 iron pills.

We then spent much of the morning puttering around after breakfast.  The dogs napped, wrestled, tried climbing on me regularly for cuddles, the usual. 

Around 1pm, we all got our collars on, and Granny got her coat on and we went to pic up 3 client dogs to walk at the park.