Name Changes by the Day

Turns out Pinknoser is a derogatory term and let's just say I don't want that. So back to the drawing board. I want something funny, but not too funy. I want something serious but not too serious. I need something unique, and preferably short... sheesh. It is harder to name this than anything else I have ever named before. And I love naming things. It's a good thing I only have to do this once. But the problem with that is all the pressure! I mean, I only get one crack at it and it has to be right... I've settled on Aberdeen for now. It is an ancestral city from my mother's side of the family (Topaz is named after her birthstone), as well as a Scottish and Australian influence. The former for the breed, and the latter for my amazing experiences in Australia, which is where I was when I started making preparations to adopt my first Toller, Splash. So Aberdeen it is, for now.