It is always a good idea to take something out to thaw or to ensure you have the next meal thawed when you are feeding.  This way, feeding the dog is quite low-maintenance and second nature.  I use large yogurt pails from my pet sorbet business to thaw larger portions for 4 dogs, and later for 9 puppies as well.  You can use large plastic containers, or a big bowl.  I don't recommend plastic bags or ziplocs unless they are in other containers, as they become quite messy when thawed.  Trays are also too shallow and some of the juices can overflow the sides.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use your microwave to thaw your dog's meat.  The nuker begins to cook the bone contents immediately and cooked bone is gravel to your dog's digestive system.  May as well throw it out.



  • immerse the meat in a sink of coolish water & wait 1/2 hour
  • feed something else (canned tripe, cottage cheese & canned fish, backup quality dry dog food, etc.)
  • feed it frozen.  A Toller can eat a frozen chicken leg, and even finds it quite enjoyable
  • skip the meal (hey sometimes you skip a meal don't you?  It's no big whoop.)