Oct 6


Pretty much a repeat of yesterday- all the adults got a beef bone, and then a pet sorbet to enjoy while I left for work.

The puppies got their ground duck with bone and organ.  It was still cold so I put in a bit of hot water to bring up the temperature a little.  The smaller a dog is, the warmer his/her food should be (up to room temp, not 'heated up' as this would cook the bone.)  Dogs under 10 lbs should not be fed anything frozen as this lowers their core temp too much.


The babies got more ground duck tonight.

All the adults got beef tripe- Splash and Bhindi about 3/4 cup, Topaz 1 cup, and Rhys 2.5 cups.

Rhys got a third meal of 1.5 cups of Lamb and Apple Acana dry dog food, 1 full can of sardines in water, and 3 tbsp cottage cheese.

THAWING- duck necks for the puppies, chicken carcases for the adults