Oct 4


All the adults got baked yam (cooled to room temp) with the skins on and slices of raw bison meat

The puppies got their can of lamb tripe with mashed yam and it went over very well.


The adults got duck necks (2 for Rhys, 1/2 for Splash, 1 for Bhindi and 1 for Topaz.)

The puppies got a tray of duck necks (1/2 of 1 each) and although they are not powerful enough to really get them down, have enjoyed sucking, gnawing, and fighting over them.  Periodically, Rhys goes in under the guise of nursing them and steals a few for herself.  There are still 2 in there, quite mangled and still being gnawed on by the pups.

THAWING- ground duck with bone, beef bones