Oct 22

Due to the quantities I have to buy things in, and the variety of portions I am feeding I often end up with bits and pieces of different things to feed the dogs a couple of times a week.


Splash- ground duck

Bhindi- elk tripe, pork bone

Rhys- elk tripe, ground duck, 2 turkey necks

Topaz- elk tripe

Puppies- raw beef tripe!  Our favorite!!


Splash & Bhindi- 2 chicken backs

Rhys- 4 chicken backs

Topaz- I don't want to overdo chicken and keep it to just once a week with him, so he got some beef tripe and was quite happy with that.  I always use tongs or latex gloves when serving raw tripe.  It reeks like cow patties and you need to scrub for quite awhile to get the smell off your hands.