How to make ground meat into a balanced meal

Questions I anticipate-

🔹How much of everything do you give?

I am very intuitive about this now so I don't measure but Google will help you as you learn.

🔹Where do you get bone dust?

Fresh raw bone dust can be very hard to find. Bone meal is NOT a substitute. That would be like adding sand to your dog's food. Go to a specialty dog food store or make eggshell dust from raw, airdried eggshells.

🔹I thought garlic was toxic to dogs!

Yes in crazy massive quantities it is, same with people. In appropriate doses it is an anti-parasitic, blood cleanser and much more.

🔹Salt? Really?

Yes! Every mammal needs iodine for thyroid function. A raw fed dog doesn't get much. Add a sprinkle now and then. Or buy granulated kelp. I only use Himalayan so that's what my dogs get.

🔹What about vegetables?

The Daintree dogs get pureed raw green, yellow and orange vegetables once or twice a week and often eat cooked yam or squash but vegetables are not actually that important to a dog's properly balanced menu. They are not fur people, well not nutritionally anyway :)