Frangipani is playful, smart, attentive and grounded

Our experiences with Daintree and Trisha have been wonderful! All interactions have been personal, yet informative and professional. her adult dogs are cared for in an exceptional way and they are loved as family pets.The pups are an extension of that. At 60 yrs old, I had never had a puppy. All my dogs had been approx. 8-10 mos. old when they came into our home. Our puppy (Frangipani -Franni) at 9 wks, has had such a head start with Trisha. She is playful, smart, attentive, and grounded (that may sound weird to say, but that is how she comes across to me). if you are looking for a Toller, Daintree is top of my list for sure.

Patrice Abbott, Dino and Quin Finocchio

Coldstream, BC