Daintree does a fantastic job

I spent the entirety of my college years wishing that I could get a dog and researching various breeds until I found Tollers. I applied to a few different breeders within Ontario over the course of a year before I found Daintree on the west coast, and shortly fell in love with the breeder just as much as the breed. Trisha and Scott care so deeply about the puppies they produce, and the Puppy Culture program that they use is unparalleled. It has become evident in the almost two months that we have had Beemer how well-raised he is and how easily he adjusts to new situations and surroundings. Although the interview process was extensive, they are extremely prompt in responding and it just demonstrates further how dedicated they are to ensuring every puppy is placed in a suitable and extremely loving home.

The "Gotcha Weekend" was well worth the travel from Ontario to British Columbia to pick Beemer up. Getting to meet the fellow families picking up puppies was just the tip of the iceberg; Trisha, Scott, and family hosted an incredible weekend that allowed each of us to get to know them better, bond with our puppies, and play games that tested and expanded our knowledge of caring for our Tollers. We also stayed later than the other families on Sunday as our flight didn't leave until Monday, and the entire family was very welcoming.  Beemer had the opportunity to play with the "teenagers", Mazie and Breeze, in the water, and take a ride in the kayak. Everyone involved in the weekend went out of their way to host an amazing event and I loved attending, especially considering the amazing puppy I got to take home at the end of it.

Daintree does a fantastic job supporting their Tollers and their families, and keeping in touch with them after the puppies go home, and there is no other breeder who I would want to have a lifetime relationship with more than Trisha and Scott. Thank you so much to Daintree for the amazing puppy I now have in my life, I couldn't imagine a better experience.


Saskia with her mother, Jane and her new puppy Beemer. Pic: Tasha Hall, BC Farm and Family Photography