We really can’t say enough about how amazing Daintree is

5/5 🌟

We feel so happy to have gotten our puppy from Daintree.

We put a lot of research into deciding from whom we were going to get our puppy. Years after first hearing about Daintree and a few months of researching Daintree and other breeders, we were finally ready to apply. The application process is very thorough and helps  much to make sure that this breed and Daintree are the right fit for you as a future Toller owner. At the end of it all we were left with no doubt that we were ready to get a puppy from Trisha. Trisha puts so much care and attention into raising all the puppies. You can really tell that raising them to be confident and enriched puppies is a priority of hers. Having applied and been accepted before the litter was born meant that we got to be part of much of the daily goings on in raising the puppies. The amount of communication and education provided is remarkable and makes such a difference for the first few days after bringing your puppy home. Trisha really does want what is best for her dogs and takes all the steps possible to ensure that they are going to loving families that are knowledgeable about the breed.

Gotcha weekend was a fun and incredibly valuable experience. All the activities that Trisha planned are there to help you feel more comfortable taking your puppy home. She is there to answer any questions you have . The time devoted to this is remarkable. Having Trisha choose which puppy best fits your family is another amazing part of the Daintree experience. After watching the puppies grow and having close contact with the purchasers, she is able to make informed decisions based on the puppy’s and the owner’s needs and wants. Having your puppy handed to you for the first time was truly amazing. Overall ,it was an unforgettable and valuable experience. We really can’t say enough about how amazing Daintree is and how happy we are with our newest family member.


- Cassie and Rogan with baby Sunshine Jean formerly Heather, the Celtic litter.

📸 BC Farm and Family Photography