5 STARS out of 5 for Daintree Kennels and Trisha!!!!

I had researched Duck Tollers for a while before finally contacting Daintree Kennel back in May.

I can tell you that I was very impressed with the website and all the information- the huge amount of links and the entire story and history of Daintree and the breed. I liked that the site includes a lot of info on raw food diets and vaccination protocol (which was huge for me).

No other Breeder and Kennel that I had researched offered this much info ( Not even close). I was very impressed when I sent in my application and they got back to me the next day.

The process from there was awesome and I had so much information given back to me from Trisha and Hailey as well ( Her admin assistant). To me this was a huge bonus moving forward.

When I had my phone interview with Trisha it was so laid back and easy going and I was impressed. I was also lucky to get in on the Summer Litter ( Muppets and Puppets) and was stoked!!!!!!

Trisha made the whole process so easy and created us a private facebook page that was unbelievable with daily videos and pictures and updates on the puppies from the day they were born. She answered many questions from all of us and we could see the puppies grow.  No other breeders that I know of  do this and make you even more interested for the day you get to pick up the puppy!!!!!!!

1 thing I will say is when I booked my room to go pick up the puppy I told the lady I was coming to pick up a Duck Toller and she said right away “Oh you are getting a Puppy from Trisha?  You are so lucky as they are beautiful puppies and Trisha is great”  well when I heard this I figured WOWSA!!!!  What a compliment and HUGE endorsement for Daintree Kennels and Trisha, that is a huge Feather in your Cap Trisha that people respect and like you enough to say that!!!!!!

I finally got to meet Trisha a few weeks back when I went to pick up Shamus (Kermit) and it was very nice to finally meet her and of course Shamus. I cannot be happier than I am with Shamus. He is almost completely house trained already and very smart as his training is going so good ( Thanks to Trisha for paving the way with the Puppy Culture method of raising and training puppies and the amount of time she commits to working with each puppy) as he was trained up so well already at 9 weeks when I picked him up.

It was very nice to meet 2 of the other proud Fur parents, but if you get the chance do not  miss the planned pickup weekend (I could not make it and had to go on the Tuesday) as you will meet more of the puppy owners and have a lot of fun!!) We had fun the day I went and did a few little training things and washed the pup and bonded with the puppies before we left.

I cannot say enough about Daintree Duck Tollers and Trisha Shanks.  I am glad I met her and very glad I had the chance to get 1 of her puppies and would recommend anyone to contact Daintree and Trisha if you want a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  From start to finish (And it is not finished as I will always be in touch with Trisha and other owners of Daintree Dogs) this was the most fun and informative experience I have had with any breeder I have ever dealt with!!!!!

5 BIG HUGE STARS for Daintree Kennels

-Bill D, Coaldale AB


Bill with baby Shamus