Already getting thanks and they don't have a dog yet...

This is an excerpt from an email I received today. The writer and his partner have just been selected for the Daintree waitlist and are in the "baby puppy preparation phase" before they will welcome a wee Daintree ginger into their homes later this year.

As is customary with Daintree, after approval I had sent them a copy of the shopping list, our puppy manual and link to Puppy Culture, a video series I recommend for all new owners.

"Thank you for all the information... it is so enlightening and we are learning a lot. It is helping us to get ready at home for her arrival. We are really getting more excited every day as we talk with everybody about her... Thank you again for your thoughtful job and for opening our minds."

Because when people choose this kennel in the middle of nowhere with several months' wait for a puppy, there is a reason. They become family and are treated like VIPs.  I will drop everything for a call or email from one of my buyers, even years into the future. This kennel is truly, 100% committed to the welfare and quality of life for EVERY puppy ever produced. As an ethical breeder, that is my legacy.