Daintree goes above and beyond with their Socialization program

Being a Professional Dog Trainer for over 7 Years and working in a Veterinary Clinic for over 9 Years I know first hand the importance of properly socializing puppies and exposing them to all kinds of stimuli. But far too often I am presented with a puppy or dog that has suffered due to incomplete socialization. Between 3 weeks and 3 months of age, puppies are primed for bonding to other animals and individuals, for learning that objects, people, and environments are safe, and for learning what the body cues and signals of others mean. Puppies who do not get adequate socialization during this period tend to grow up to be fearful of unfamiliar people, or dogs, or sounds, objects and environments. These are the dogs that I get to deal with on a daily basis.

Daintree goes above and beyond with their Socialization program. By starting early and being consistent Daintree provides the best chance that their puppies will grow into a happy confident dogs. They stop the fear before it starts.

I really wish more breeders would follow suit and see the importance of Socialization and Exposure (to different peoples, animals, environments, noises, surfaces, etc) that there would be a lot more puppies out there that grow into dogs that are well adjusted to our society and lifestyles. Diantree's program is going to help prevent dogs that grow up to be anxious, fearful and even aggressive, by starting them out with the best start possible,

Kaila Watters
Professional Dog Trainer