Dutch buyers Paul and Margit and their puppy, Puck

We, Dutch Toller owners and –lovers, had been following Daintree’s Facebook page for quite a while. We learned that we had a lot in common on topics like raising, training, feeding and vaccinating Tollers. In May this year we had to take the difficult decision not to use our male Toller as a stud and won’t be having one of his puppies. That’s when we decided to look for a puppy elsewhere that could be used as a stud dog as well, as in our opinion the Dutch Toller population needs fresh blood.

At that moment Daintree’s had a lovely dog available, that might be the right one for us. So we contacted Trisha. She answered to our questions and we decided that we wanted that puppy.

Buying a puppy at the other side of the world needs some consideration, as you can’t fly over to see the puppy and meet the breeder. Selling a puppy to ‘strangers’ at the other side of the world also needs some consideration from the breeder. But Trisha did a very thorough screening on us. We were very happy with that; it gave her certainty the puppy was going to the right home and it gave us more certainty that we were getting the right puppy for our family with already two grown up Tollers.

After passing that process, the puppy had to come to Europe. We were able to make a good agreement on that point as well and early July this year Trisha flew over to Europe with the puppy. We met at the airport where our lovely boy was handed over to us.

The puppy was exactly as we saw at all the pictures and movies on facebook and as described by Trisha; what she said was what we got. And more than that! He grew up to much more then we ever hoped he would be. Very, very happy with this dog and Trisha’s Daintree Kennel. Thank you Trisha!


Paul Veen & Margit Rietman

The Netherlands