This is Patrick.  He is a dog who was rescued from untold abuse and neglect in New Jersey just before St Patrick's day (hence the name.)  His owner tossed him in a trash bag down a 22 story garbage chute, but only after starving him for months.  I have been following his fight on facebook.  Donations poured in, and the vet hospital he is in had to stop people from continuing to send money!  That is LOVE- over 30,000 people joined his facebook page to watch his progress.

Thanks to Patrick, there are many great things stemming from his community!


Pix of the New Puppins at a week old


Australian Litter has arrived!

Bhindi gave birth to 7 puppies this morning between 9am-1pm.  She had 5 boys and 2 girls.  Sadly, one of the boys did not make it and was stillborn.  Hopefully he is somewhere safe and warm to watch over the rest and ensure they make it out of the woods of the next few critical days.

Most of the updates will be families-only, available by log-in once you have been approved and made your deposit.  Some updates and photos will be available on our facebook page as well.


Change to Guest Login

The guest login is reset for each litter.  Friends and family of the Space and Heavens litter are no longer able to log in, we have reset the information for the new litter.

As the time draws nearer, I wanted to let you know there is a guest log-in that has been enabled for the site.  If you wish, you may let friends and family know about this login for them to come and see the updates and pictures.  Please log in with your username and password to get this information, or you may email me if you wish.




Bunch of winter shots taken today

To avoid the redundancy of creating online photo albums here and on facebook, I am going with facebook and a link for you to click on, click photo below.

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