August 16, 2011- Wine and Cheese litter is here

Four boys and four girls, all nursing, are now 2 days old.



Daintree's Moon Rover (Space and Heavens Litter Sept 1, 2010)

Bekker, who has switched ownership this month, was entered in the AKC and Toller Specialty shows this weekend.  He came in second yesterday and FIRST in his class today.  Thanks to the lovely Rachel Lundberg from Tikko Tollers for kindly agreeing to show him since I had work obligations and could not get away.

While this doesn't translate to actual CKC Championship points, we are very happy that he seems to love to show and now has a few experiences under his belt.  We couldn't be prouder.

Stella (Daintree's Diamond Wake) also came first in her class, so it really was a good day for Daintree making a few inroads into the show world <3


Rhys' Clearances are Finally In!!

Click here to see the page- Rhys

Link on OFFA- 


Registration: US265496 (CKC)
NSD-1237 CERF Jan 27 2010 Jan 27 2010 * 16 TESTED: 10
DTR-CA649/32F/P-VPI CARDIAC May 10 2011 Jun 22 2011 32 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
DTR-PA134/32F/P-VPI PATELLA May 10 2011 Jun 29 2011 32 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
DTR-1494G32F-VPI HIPS May 10 2011 Jun 30 2011 32 GOOD
DTR-EL421F32-VPI ELBOW May 10 2011 Jun 30 2011 32 NORMAL

Zeb a rescue dog in Georgia USA


one puppy left

Alice is looking for a loving pet home, where she will go on a non-breeding contract and be a cherished family member.  Please help me spread the word.  She is 10 weeks old.