March 25

Each dog got a large beef knuckle-type bone to work while I was at work, and a milkbone before bed.

Bhindi had 4 chicken backs & 6 chicken hearts for breakfast and  1 cup of buttermilk for her evening meal.  She is still nursing the pups several times a day.

Mar 18


Bhindi- slices of raw beef, cubes of raw pork, chicken hearts, 1 tbsp veggie mix

Other 4 dogs got either beef or pork, chicken hearts and 1 tbsp veg

cat- 4 chicken hearts


Bhindi- 1/3 salmon lightly cooked, 1 banana (sliced)

Other 4 dogs got 1/2 sliced banana and 1/2 can sardines in water, each

cat- 1/2 small can of cat food

Mar 13


Rhys & Zinnia- turkey neck

Splash & Topaz- 3 pork ribs

Bhindi- 3 turkey necks & 3 pork ribs

Lunch- Bhindi  1 cup buttermilk


All dogs- 1 chicken back & 1 tbsp pureed veg

Bhindi- +2 chicken backs, 1 small can of salmon, 2 raw eggs, 2 tbsp cottage cheese

March 4


Rhys & Zinnia- turkey neck & piece of beef liver

Topaz- Chicken back & piece of beef liver

Splash- 1/2 tripe patty & piece of beef liver

Bhindi-  1 cup buttermilk, beef liver, 1/2 tripe patty


Large beef knuckle bones to work on in crates while I am at work


Bhindi- third meal while nursing

3 turkey necks, 1/2 can tripette, liquid vitamin C

Feb 3


Rhys, Topaz and Bhindi each got a huge chicken carcas but Splash got some deer, beef liver and ground herring cause she has a pretty hard time with that kind of working meal!


Due to the size of the earlier meal, each dog got a little bit of liver and ground herring for their evening meal

Jan 12


Girls: 4 oz ground chicken mix

Topaz: 4 oz ground herring mix


1/2 cup Orijen Fish kibble topped with:

1 tsp fresh avocado, 1 cooked garlic clove, 2 cooked brussels spouts, 1 cooked baby potato, 4-6 cooked green beans, cold water fish oil

Jan 11


Splash, Rhys & Bhindi each got 5 oz ground whole chicken mix with a small chunk of deer fat.  Topaz got 5 oz of ground beef mix with his.


4 oz. ground herring with fruit & veg, ground kelp & fish oil on top

Jan 9


1/2 Arusha mixed tripe patty, each

pinch ground kelp

1/2 tsp cold water fish oil on top


4 oz. ground beef/bone/organ by Urban Carnivore

digestive yeast & fish oil on top

Splash- 1/2 tsp prozyme

Jan 8


2 tbsp leftover beef stew, 1/2 cup orijen fish kibble, large pinch digestive yeast

Splash- + digestive enzymes by Prozyme


Leftover night!!

Splash- herring/veg/fruit

Topaz & Bhindi- ground beef/bone/organ

Rhys- small chicken carcass

THAWING: Arusha tripe patties, ground chicken from Courtlyn