Raw Feeding Supply List

Items we have collected to make raw feeding easier around our home

  • plastic basins & 4L buckets for thawing
  • GOOD quality kitchen shears (bone cutting capability)
  • Heavy cleaver from a kitchen store
  • plastic cutting boards
  • boxes of disposable latex gloves for stinky tripe and other messy things
  • masking tape & marker to label items going into the freezer and fridge
  • plastic sealing containers
  • empty salt & pepper shakers or spice jars for supplements such as powdered alfalfa & grained kelp
  • old towels for the dogs to eat on
  • regular scissors near the fridge and the freezer to cut open boxes and plastic packaging
  • cooler for transporting your purchases back from the store, if you have other errands to run as well
  • apartment freezer or deep freeze so you can buy in bulk