Pregnancy Care


  • medicines,
  • heartworm medication, flea & tick prevention
  • surgery
  • vaccinations
  • strenuous exertion such as long hikes or runs
  • extreme sports and tricks
  • high impact exercise
  • high jumps

Supplements if desired

  • molasses
  • spirulina
  • apple cider vinegar
  • kelp
  • folic acid
  • raspberry leaf

Diet Changes

  • keep regular diet and portions for the first month
  • increase portion by up to 25% for second half of pregnancy
  • add liver and kidney gradually during week 4/5 (can soften stool, this is normal)
  • she should be eating double the portion by week 6 until delivery, with a regular amount of her normal portion and an equal portion of liver and kidney

Lifestyle Changes

  • regular exercise is very important
  • swimming is safe in known waters
  • limit interaction with unknown dogs which could possibly be ill
  • limit busy offleash parks/daycare/kennel/vet visits to just what is necessary
  • she may sleep more; this is normal
  • she may be more affectionate or vocal
  • nausea about midway through for a few days is normal
  • swelling or colour change in nipples, accompanied by hair loss on belly and chest
  • nesting behaviour may take place during last few weeks before due date.
  • first-time moms normally don't start showing until about week 5 with a thickening of the 'waist' and then the tummy really starts to show at about week 7.
  • Tummy drops at about week 8, she may start to groan and grunt trying to get comfortable and will move more slowly
  • a bit of clear or straw colored discharge, swelling of the vulva are also normal
  • GREEN DISCHARGE is DANGEROUS and she should be brought to the vet IMMEDIATELY




Beginning 2 weeks before due date, give orally 4 of each on alternating days: Calc Phos and Caulophyllum

Tips on giving homeopathy: "These pills do not have to be swallowed. They just have to touch the mucous membranes (gums). If you find it difficult to give the pills in this way, you can put them in a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, or milk for your animal to lick. This is because they are on sugar-based pills and this will dissolve into the substance. You can also put the pills between the folds of a napkin, crush them, and then put the powder into the animal’s mouth. Or put the powder into a tablespoon of spring or distilled water and put 1 teaspoon full into your dog’s mouth only one time. You can save the remainder of the dose (in the water) to be given four hours later. All homeopathic remedies should be given at least 15 minutes away from giving any food. You want to make sure the mouth is clean and the remedy contacts the surface of the mucous membranes." Dr Jill Elliot

  • Arnica- last week
  • Sepia- post whelp

Further reading/resources

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