We couldn't be happier

Big shout out to you and your team Trisha Shanks for the best puppy a family could ask for! We felt like we knew her from birth to picking her up with the daily play-by-plays and fun updates. She is such a gorgeous and brilliant little pup! We couldn't be happier. 

Jessica, Dave and kids


Happy to be members of the Daintree Family for life

We cannot say enough good things about Daintree. We picked up our little girl, Scout, and our lives have forever changed with this perfect bundle of puppy greatness. The entire process, from submitting our application, to speaking with Trisha on the phone, to watching our litter being born and the daily updates that continued right up until our memorable and so special puppy pick up weekend, we have felt so involved in our puppy's life and it's been second to none. Everything we were told Scout would do, she has and she has literally blown our socks off. Sleeping through the night since day one, doing her 'business' in her litter box, and just generally being such a sweet and well socialized puppy has truly made this experience nothing but rewarding and fun. Trisha's dogs are absolutely incredible and we are so happy to be members of the Daintree Family for life.

-Kate and Brett, Calgary AB

Brett, Kate and baby Scout (Ariel.)

Brett, Kate and baby Scout (Ariel.)


Trisha has done a great job with her dogs which is reflected in her wonderful puppies. We couldn't have asked for a better pup. Thank you ever so Trisha!

-John and Lisa

Wrigley is the sweetest puppy ever!

While waiting for our house to be built, we stayed with my parents at their home. Wrigley was very spoiled as they are both retired and were home during the day almost always! They also live on a golf course that was a great place for Wrigley to run and play during the winter months with lots of geese to chase!


I just wanted to tell you that Wrigley is the SWEETEST puppy I have ever met. There is something to be said about the temperaments of the puppies that you raise. My parents LOVED having her around because she was just so sweet, cuddly, and just a pleasure to be around. This is so helpful for times when Ryan and I might need to go away as they (along with my sister) are begging to take care of Wrigley!


We are just overjoyed everyday that we have this incredible puppy with such an amazing personality, it has just been such a joy to watch her grow! She is such a dream with the other dogs at the dog park. Always happy and never aggressive.


Anyhow, I just wanted to send a thank you again for helping raise this amazing puppy that is such a wonderful part of our lives :)

-Kate H



Scout has made me proud

I just wanted to send you a quick update on something that I thought was amazing and I'm proud of about Scout (Biscotti.)

So she goes to a daycare in Nanaimo every week or so and absolutely loves it! Last Monday when I picked her up the girls told me she had been playing for 3 hours with this dog Molly. They told me that Molly is a middle aged and smaller dog and she usually isn't very social. When she comes in she just sticks to herself and her ball. They had only ever seen her socialize with one dog in all her time there. Until Scout. Scout and her played for 3 hours straight!! This was such a big deal that all the staff at the little/puppy daycare and the big dog daycare all came to see. They showed me the video and it was adorable. To top it all off, when i picked up Scout on Wednesday, they told me they had been playing again! The girls showed Molly's Dad the video of them playing, and apparently he was almost in tears. He had been sending her there to socialize but she always stuck to herself, but the fact that she was playing, and twice, and for so long with Scout made him emotional and so happy.

She's made me proud, and I think this speaks loudly to her upbringing. Since I brought her home I've had no problem introducing her to new things, people, and dogs and she's always great with knowing how to approach everyone differently. I've seen her understand when to gently approach an older sick (partially paralyzed) dog and she knew to stay gentle their whole interaction, compared to knowing when it's okay to play with other younger dogs. I think this is what has made her able to interact with Molly so successfully.

I just wanted to let you know this. Scout is an incredible girl who has the biggest heart, and I believe this has a lot to do with puppy culture and the socialization it encourages from the start. By bringing home a puppy who is already so adaptable and open to life has been amazing! So, thank you!!


Kristina and Scout

Kristina with Scout, formerly Biscotti. 

Kristina with Scout, formerly Biscotti. 

I found myself comparing all other breeders to Daintree

My husband and I dreamed of having a dog together for years, it was what comforted us in our time apart due to him being active duty American military. We always knew we wanted to raise a pup together but never really knew what type of breed. I have always loved retrievers but wanted something a little more unique than a lab or a golden. Through some research we found the Duck Toller. At first I didn't think it was even a real breed due to how unfamiliar I was to them. Through more and more research, we fell in love. They had all the qualities we were looking for in a dog: athletic, intelligent, and unmistakably beautiful. Then came the hard part, finding a breeder that we could trust. There were only a handful (I found) in the states and everyone I had talked to didn't give me that genuine feeling that they actually cared. It seemed more of a business transaction. I found Daintree during my research and loved how invested she was in her dogs. It's not as common as you would hope it to be. I found myself constantly comparing the breeders in the US to her and eventually just decided to contact her and see if getting a puppy out of the country was even possible. She was very informative about how the process would go and didn't sugar coat anything to get my business. October of 2015 we came to the decision that going with Daintree was a no brainer and we started our process into the application. Unfortunately my husband got sent on a temporary deployment and we had to put the process on hold. I kept in contact with Trisha and we discussed all the questions I had. We decided a summertime puppy would be best so we could both be around to raise it. The application process is thorough which made us trust her even more with how adamant she was to make sure her puppies are going to a great home. After we were accepted she kept us constantly in the loop on who the mother and father would be as well as the puppies' development after they were born. We never felt like we weren't a part of our puppy's life even though we lived in a completely different country. There was a constant feeling of connection and I can't think of many breeders that would be that dedicated to do so. All in all we have nothing but incredible things to say about Trisha and what she does for this beautiful breed. We are forever grateful for her as well as to be a part of this unique community of Duck Toller owners.

- Ashley P., Florida USA



Derek, Ashley and Emmet (formerly Branston.) 

Derek, Ashley and Emmet (formerly Branston.) 

Trisha went above and beyond

We could not be happier with our Daintree puppy, Fin (formerly Grover), who has been with us for almost a month now. Trisha puts a lot of effort into selecting families and getting families and puppies ready for their new homes. We felt very well informed and prepared. Fin had some anxiety when we first met him and Trisha stayed in contact and went above and beyond in helping us address it. You can tell that this comes from a genuine love and concern for each and every Daintree puppy. We are very grateful and highly recommend her!

He is the perfect fit for our family

We looked into getting a Toller in November and we were fortunate enough to have a male pup available for pick up, one month later (talk about good timing). Benji is the perfect fit for our family. He gets along so well with other dogs. He has been raised so well with the Puppy Culture theory and therefore house training him was easier than expected. Benji is now 14 weeks old, and after a trip to the vet today for his first check-up, he was deemed healthy! Trisha has made this experience a lot more enjoyable, from her daily photo and video updates, always being available via email and phone calls for any questions, and to providing tons of educational, helpful information. I could go on, and on, about how great Benji is and how great our experience has been. I definitely reccomend Daintree  Kennels to anyone looking for a Toller! Duck tolling retrievers are a unique breed, and with Trisha's guidance, they grow up to be amazing companions!



We are lucky to have a puppy from Daintree

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have a puppy from Daintree Kennels. The entire process from when we first contacted Daintree to the day we picked up our puppy was an educational, positive and enriching experience. The significant amount of time Daintree puts into training and socializing their dogs is very apparent. All of our friends and family are amazed at his behavior and at how well he has adapted to our home after only 1 week.

The resources Daintree provides in preparation for, and after we brought our puppy home is over the top. We feel confident and comfortable raising our first Toller puppy knowing we always have Daintree and the Daintree community to help us with any questions regarding training, raw feeding, socialization etc.

We strongly recommend Daintree Kennels to anyone looking for a Duck Toller puppy.

Jeremy and wife Austin with baby Gunnar.

Jeremy and wife Austin with baby Gunnar.

We would not hesitate to recommend Trisha to anyone

We had a most wonderful experience with Trisha!  Our son Blake has wanted a puppy for a very longtime, and he looked for a long time before finding Daintree:). Trisha did her due diligence in making sure his parents were aware of the puppy hunt! The extra care and attention she pays to each and every puppy is truly amazing, our puppy has so quickly become another one of our family:). we would not hesitate to recommend Trisha to anyone. 

We look foreword to being able to have another Daintree puppy in the future;)))

Thank u again Trisha!

Melisa and Jason with Blake, Hannah and baby Charlie. 

Melisa and Jason with Blake, Hannah and baby Charlie. 

Thanks Daintree for an amazing experience


Wish I could give Daintree Duck Tollers more than a 5/5 rating.  The amount of time Trisha puts into her puppies is second to none and it truly shows.  From early on they are socialized, trained and loved more than any other breeder I’ve seen.  I got my 6yr old Toller from a different breeder and didn’t get anywhere near the support and resources that I received from Daintree.  Once I was accepted for a puppy Trisha made herself available with any questions, provided us with daily videos/pics of the puppies and set up a private community so we can stay in touch with with all the puppies from the litter and the families lucky enough to take them home.  These pups are amazing and I would recommend Daintree without hesitation.  We’re constantly receiving comments from friends and strangers alike regarding how well socialized our pup already is. Now it’s our turn to keep that socialization and training going. Thanks Daintree for an amazing experience and the most wonderful puppy I could ever imagine!

-Kasey and Tyler

You can tell he has been socialized and is eager to learn.

Once we decided on getting a Duck Toller Trisha stood out to us as a breeder because of her genuine and sincere rapport, as well as the wealth of information that she provided. It is clear that her heart is fully committed to these dogs! She was always thorough and prompt with her communication and has answered many questions throughout the entire process. We really appreciated the puppy updates that we got along the way and how we got to watch them all grow. We recently got our Spud (Renard from the French Litter) and are overjoyed with how well-adjusted and awesome he is. You can tell he has been socialized and is eager to learn. He was a great traveller on the way home, sleeps nicely in his crate at night, and already knows "sit"! Thank you, Trisha! We couldn't be happier!

- Sako and Erin

We couldn't be happier with our puppy

We had an amazing experience adopting a puppy from Daintree. Getting a Toller from Trisha is not just adopting a dog; you also become a member of the Daintree family. The support is great and we couldn't be happier with our puppy. We highly recommend Daintree to anyone intrested in a Super-Toller.

- Jade and Evan

Daintree's Tollers truly shine

As a first time dog owner, I am so glad our family chose Daintree, it has been a wonderful experience that I will always treasure, the constant communication and love for this breed is evident in all aspects of care! Trisha is an amazing resource and is available to answer any questions you may have before AND after you receive a beautiful puppy from Daintree! Duck tollers are amazing dogs and Daintree's truly shine, thank you

Maple Rae and Marian

Maple Rae and Marian

Daintree puts the dogs first, when it comes time for another pup, it will be a Daintree.

After having two Tollers in our extended family we knew this was the right dog for us. The next hardest question was where to get our new family member. After interviewing and being interviewed we knew Trish and Daintree was right for us. We believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Daintree puts the dogs first. At every turn and every question we have had great support. We have a holistic vet and a fantastic dog trainer and both have complimented what a well bred and well adjusted dog we have. Further to that, the protocols and expectations for feeding, vaccines and raising have been a blessing! We love our dog so much and when it comes time for another pup Daintree will be who we call.


We are so happy to have a Toller from Daintree!

Trisha sets herself apart because she truly cares about each puppy and the families that they become a part of. She puts in the extra effort to make sure they are well-adjusted and socialized before they go to their homes. After they go home she continues to make herself available as a resource and makes you feel like you are a part of daintrees family. In the first two weeks of having our pup, we have had so many people in awe of how calm and easy going she is. We are so happy to have a toller from Daintree!- Rob and Alli